I don’t often post other people’s work on my blog but I felt like this needed an exception. Daniel Warren Johnson’s Space Mullet just started its fifth chapter and well there’s nothing more to say than it is amazing! He’s a great guy and an amazing artist so go over to his site and support him some! 

Space Mullet: space-mullet.com/

Drive Poster

After many people have inquired about the Drive poster and if I am selling it as a print, I’ve decided I will. Right now I’m trying to gauge how many people would want one and if $15 for a 11x17 inch print plus shipping sounds fair. I would like to get a rough estimate in the next few days so I can get these printed up. Also for an extra $10 dollars I can do a head shot sketch or something. 

You can email me to reserve one.
Email: zak.hartong@gmail.com 
Thanks everyone!